The Product Service Company

1. To provide a product/service to  a
selected urban area.
2. This product/service is unspecified and
remains undefinable.
3. The selected area is based purely on
ascetic and is the choice is independent from
class or social boundaries.
4. The company works in phase’s, the objective is not
to reveal all at once.
5. Letters are hand delivered and written by
one individual, who is the boss and the drone.
This person alone manages the company.
6. The letters are the first point of ‘contact’, the
website  is the ‘voice’. The webpage reveals site
specific Video’s made “For The area, in the area,
about the area.”
7. The objective is to unify, engage and
communicate on an anonymous level with the
selected area/community.
8. To generate conversation, curiosity and
9. The product service company is there for ‘You’
and the basis for the company is ‘To Give’

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