Secret Or Lie Campaign

“Art is so wonderfully irrational, exuberantly pointless, but necessary all the same. Pointless and yet necessary” Nadine Gordimer

The LAB, Foley St. Dublin.

March 3rd-April 1st







Working on buisness hours 9-5 Ciara Scanlan will operate her office as ‘The Product Service Company’ from the window space of the Lab.

“I (Ciara Scanlan) use the name ‘The Product Service Company’. It is run, managed and ‘Products’ delivered by me and my alter ego.

I market myself as an instigator, a catalyst within a street/area and immerse myself within each place offering regular and random deliveries of letter’s and D.I.Y video specially catering to that area.”

For 2 weeks in March the public is invited to discard their ‘Lies’ and ‘Secrets’ to the ‘Product Service Company’ office/drop off point at the LAB, Foley St. or via twitter and email.

All information will be carefully and secretly sealed in brown envelopes.

Every night these ‘secrets’ and ‘lies’ will be personally delivered to selected houses of Td’s, bankers, developers that were involved in decision making in the past 10 years.