‘Wish Promo’ @ Phizzfest 2012

The Product Service’s ‘Wish Promo’ Stall at Tesco/Phizzfest 2012

‘Make a Wish for Phibsborough’ sponsored by TESCO

The ‘Product Service Company’ was on site at Tesco, Phibsborough for Phizzfest.  It showcased a new innovative product – “A Wish Promo”

Ciara from ‘the company’ was on site at various times throughout the festival to take your orders and showcased the wish list on a daily updated digital screen in store.

We heard you, and some wishes came through!
The Product Service Company.

From 27th August – only in Tesco


  • “That the residential units of Gheel autism services 197c & b, North Circular Road, could have a ‘makeover’. We have been cut a lot this year and could do with a cheer up!” Gheel Autism Services

  • “Help for the local Dance Group ‘The Topaz Twirlers” to get new costumes for every member of the group!” Topaz Twillers

  • “We wish for help towards new IT equipment to enhance the computer training we offer in Iona and Hill Street day centres for local people to meet and interact with their peers rather than remain isolated in their homes as a result of their sight loss.” NCBI – Working for People with Sight Loss

  • “A new washing machine for the residential home for the elderly in the area” Active retirement

Other potentials:

  • “For a permanent Community & Cultural space in Phibsbourough”
  • “My Daughter has had many brain operations in the past. She is getting married February 16th and I would love if she could get some help towards her wedding, a special surprise”
  • “For Bike racks to be installed in more locations around Phibsbourough”
  • “ New Park benches along the canal and in the park”
  • “For Mount Bernard park to be upgraded with a children’s playground and new benches”
  • “A cleaner Phibsbourough with plants and paint jobs”
  • “Improvement’s made to the children’s park, even a new swing ”
  • “For a Space for young people to hang out”
  • “ A Community centre for kids and the elderly and yound people to spend spare time”

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